Thursday, 14 April 2011

Reach for the stars

This blog is born from the conviction that state education in Edinburgh and Scotland needs more ambition.

Whilst there are some areas of excellence, there are others where provision is poor.  There is a need to challenge mediocre standards, poor provision and low expectations. In particular, the regulatory framework within which education is delivered is in need of recasting (and slimming down).

I believe much of the mediocrity can be attributed to
  •  a regulatory society which stifles
  •  a culture of  faddism in pursuit of political correctness and 
  • a conservatism which is born of sacred cows and vested interests.
The aim is to observe, report and comment on current education issues and developments in Edinburgh and Scotland, always with the objective of playing a part, however large or small, in the improvement of public education.

This blog sits alongside my local blog which reports news in the ward in Edinburgh I represent, and my Climate Edinburgh blog which casts a critical eye over current climate developments and their implications for public policy, Edinburgh and us all.